Internet Loan Application - Internet Security Information

We have implemented one of the highest levels of security for sending personal information via the Internet. We employ the latest technology by utilizing the Secured Sockets Layer protocol (SSL 3.0) and Microsoft Private Communication Technology protocol (PCT 1.0) with full support for 128-bit encryption methods. These secured encryption methods are among the highest in the industry for online commerce and transactions on the Internet. Also, the Internet Web Server is protected by a firewall which restricts the access to the machine from the Internet. Our SSL Technology is certified by VeriSign - the Web's leading "Seal of Approval" for online authentication services. This provides an internet security system that conforms to the highest standards available. These Protocols are used in several areas during the Internet Loan Application process:

  • At the loan application web page when the applicant is entering in all of their personal information.
  • For all internal validation/verification.
  • During ALL communications between our Internet server and our host processing system. Some web browsers do not support secure servers. We have made what we believe to be a reasonable effort to guard the security of this Web site's server. However, the Internet is generally accessible by the public, and information which is available on the Internet (including the information supplied by you on this Web site or sent to an e-mail address provided by you) is potentially accessible by unintended third parties. Your use of this Web site and your disclosure of personal information at this Web site, on or through any server, are strictly at your own risk. We do not guarantee the security of any user provided data.